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LED Make Up Mirror Wholesale

Rectangle Mirror with light bathroom smart mirror light LED bathroom mirror with demister.Sensor Switch.
Model No:
  • BM-2202

  • Zoomerry

Product Information:

bathroom mirror wholesale

Product Advantage:

LED Lighting:  LED Makeup Mirror is equipped with a high -brightness LED light source, which can provide bright and uniform lighting effects. LED lights have low energy consumption and long life, so they are energy -saving and environmentally friendly choices.

Anti -fog function:  Many LED Makeup Mirror are equipped with anti -fog technology, so that the mirror does not appear fog when the bathroom is humid, keeping the mirror definition, making you more convenient when washing.

Touch induction: Many LED Makeup Mirror use touch induction technology. By touching the buttons on the mirror or induction area, you can control the switch of the light, adjust the brightness, and even some can adjust the color temperature to provide different lighting effects.

Waterproof design: LED Makeup Mirror is waterproof design to adapt to the humid environment of the bathroom. The waterproof function ensures the durability and safety of the mirror.

Exquisite appearance: Its design is fashionable, simple, and exquisite appearance. They can be used as the decorative elements of the bathroom to add a modern sense to the bathroom.

Wall-mounted and bracket options: These mirrors usually provide two installation options: wall hanging and brackets, which can choose the appropriate installation method according to your preferences and bathroom space.

Color temperature selection: Some Mirror offers a variety of color temperature choices, such as cold white light and warm white light, to meet the preferences of different users in different users.

Intelligent function (optional): Some LED Makeup Mirror also equipped with intelligent functions, such as Bluetooth sound, electronic clock, anti -atomization treatment, etc., providing more practical and convenient experiences.

Product Uses:

The application scenario of LED Mirrors is a combination of mirrors and lighting in the bathroom. This mirror is embedded with LED lights, usually located on the edge or back of the mirror, providing brightness and uniform light. The following are the main application scenarios of LED Makeup Mirror:

Makeup and beauty: Because LED lights provide bright lighting, this mirror is particularly suitable for makeup and beauty. The brightness and uniformity of the light allows you to see the details better and ensure that the makeup effect is accurate.

Shaver and modification: When men use this mirror for shaving and modification, they benefit from clear lighting to ensure that the shaving lines are neat and handled.

Taste and hygiene: The bright lighting of mirrors enables you to easily perform washing and hygienic tasks, such as brushing your teeth, face washing and hand-washing.

Lighting and decoration: These mirrors not only provide practical functions, but also become the lighting and decorative elements of the bathroom. They provide soft additional lighting at night or morning, making the bathroom environment more comfortable and warm.

Energy-saving and environmental protection: Compared with traditional lighting, LED lights have lower energy consumption, so this mirror also meets the needs of energy saving and environmental protection.

Anti-fog function: Some mirrors are equipped with anti-fog function, which means that even if there is a high humidity in the bathroom, the surface of the mirror is not prone to fog, ensuring that the mirror is clearly visible.

In short, LED Makeup Mirror is suitable for all bathroom scenes that require bright lighting and reflection functions. It provides convenient and practical, but also adds modern and fashionable elements to the bathroom.

Product Picture:

make up mirror

make up mirror wholesale

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