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Customized Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirror

LED bathroom mirror is a modern bathroom mirror that integrates LED lighting, which provides a bright and uniform lighting effect, allowing users to obtain clear reflex images in any case. The anti -fog function ensures that the mirror surface is always clearly visible, providing users with a better experience. Suitable for family bathrooms, hotels, gyms, etc., is an ideal choice for improving the aesthetics and functions of the bathroom.
Model No:
  • BM-2206

  • Zoomerry

Product Information:


Product Advantage:

The product advantage of the LED bathroom makeup mirror includes:

High -brightness LED lighting: It is equipped with high brightness LED lights, providing bright and uniform lighting to ensure that it is clear and bright images in the process of makeup or care to avoid the problems of lack of shadow and lighting.

Apricum function: Many mirrors have amplification function, usually 2 times or higher amplification multiple, helping users more detailed work such as makeup and eyebrow trimming.

Anti -fog function: It usually have anti-fog characteristics to ensure that the mirror surface will not fog. Even in a high temperature or humid bathroom environment, the mirror can be kept clear.

Adjustable angle: Many mirror designs can rotate or tilt adjustment at 360 degrees, so that users can adjust the angle of the mirror according to their needs to find the most suitable observation angle.

Energy conservation: LED technology itself has the characteristics of high energy efficiency and long life, which makes LED makeup mirrors consume low and environmental protection, and can save energy and electricity costs.

Fashion design: The appearance design of the LED makeup mirror is usually fashionable and modern, becoming the highlight of the bathroom, adding color to the overall beauty.

Based on the above advantages, the mirror provides users with a brighter, practical and comfortable makeup experience, and has become an indispensable functional household product in modern life.

Product Picture:

bathroom makeup mirror

led makeup mirror

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