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Stainless Steel 304 Grab Bars for Bathtubs and Showers

The grab bar is a device that provides support, stability and help. It is usually used in different occasions such as chairs, stairs, wheelchairs, and providing users with additional security and comfort.

The grab bar can have different shapes, materials and functions to meet different needs, especially for the elderly and people with inconvenient actions, they are important auxiliary tools.
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Product Information:

Bathroom Grab Bar is designed for the bathroom environment. It usually has the following product characteristics:

Waterproof and corrosion: These handles are usually made of stainless steel or waterproof plastic materials to prevent water erosion and corrosion and ensure long -term durability.

Non -slip surface: Bathroom Grab Bar often has non -slip surface, providing users with better grip in the humid bathroom environment and reducing the risk of slippery.

Diverse design: Provide options with different sizes, shapes and colors to meet different bathroom decoration and user needs.

Easy to clean: The surface is usually smooth, easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and beauty.

Safety installation: Bathroom Grab Bar can be firmly installed on the bathroom wall, providing stable support to avoid sliding or shaking.

Multi -position installation: It can be installed in the shower, next to the bathtub, bathroom and sink to provide comprehensive support.

Comply with ADA security standards: meet international and regional security standards to ensure its reliability and security in the bathroom environment.

Product Pictures:

Grab bar factoryPolished grab bar

straight grab bar镜面长扶手 (4)

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