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Customized Aluminum Frame Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

Finish: Polished/Satin
Material: Stainless Steel 304/Aluminum+Tempered Glass
Mini Order: 50 pcs
Sales Model: Wholesale
Logo: Customized
  • MK1131

  • Zoomerry

Shower Enclosure

Material Stainless Steel 304/Aluminum+Tempered Glass
Surface finished Satin or polished
MOQ 50pcs, also accept small quantity for trial order
Package According to customer's requirement
Delivery time 25-30 days for more than 1000 pieces
Payment term T/T
Place of Origin Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Logo Can be customized


Product Description:

Shower doors come in various styles and designs, each offering different features to enhance your shower experience. Here are some common shower door features:

  1. Frameless Design: Frameless shower doors provide a clean, modern look and are typically made of thick tempered glass with minimal hardware, allowing for an open and spacious feel in the shower.

  2. Sliding Doors: Sliding shower doors are a space-saving option that glide along tracks, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms where a swinging door might not be practical.

  3. Pivot Doors: Pivot or hinge shower doors swing open like a traditional door. They come in various styles, including single and double hinged options.

  4. Bi-Fold Doors: Bi-fold shower doors fold in on themselves, providing a wider opening while saving space in the bathroom.

  5. Frosted or Textured Glass: These glass options offer privacy by obscuring the view while still allowing light to pass through. They can come in various patterns and designs.

  6. Clear Glass: Clear glass doors create an open and airy look in the bathroom, allowing you to showcase beautiful tile work or fixtures inside the shower.

  7. Water Repellent Coating: Many modern shower doors come with a hydrophobic or water-repellent coating that makes it easier to clean and prevents water spots and mineral buildup.

  8. Easy-Clean Design: Some shower doors have removable tracks or panels, making cleaning and maintenance simpler.

  9. Magnetic Seals: Magnetic strips or seals help keep the door closed securely, preventing water from leaking out of the shower.

  10. Towel Bars or Hooks: Some shower doors include built-in towel bars or hooks for convenience.

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